Issue 48 of the CRYPTmag - The Birdmen of Hirta is now out!

Date 4-Mar-2007 16:41:35
Topic: Announcement

After much beavering away at the keyboard, we once again bring you a packed edition of the CRYPTmag.

Barry Walker brings you the last part of his "Amiga Event Detector" project. Now all those people who have abandoned Amiga`s lying in their lofts and cupboards can now find a use for them.

Remember Edgar Vigdal? After he made a satisfyingly successful job of porting his Amiga classic Deluxe Galaga, now known as Warblade,has decided to also port over his other successful game Deluxe PacMan.

These are just two of the over 70 articles in this issue of the magazine to keep you busy for hours. So pop along to - The CRYPTmag

Steve Evans

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