Hively Tracker 1.3 is released!

Date 5-Mar-2007 22:37:54
Topic: hardware OS4

Many bugs in the replayer have been fixed, and the editor has been improved further.

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Hively Tracker is a tracker program based upon the AHX format created in the mid
'90s by Dexter and Pink of Abyss. The format was relatively popular, and many
songs were created and used in scene productions and games. AHX was designed to
create a very SID-like sound on the Amiga.

HivelyTracker can import and export modules and instruments in the AHX format,
but it also improves on AHX in several ways and therefore has its own instrument
and module formats.

(this is a re-upload to fix the included command line replayer only; there is no
change to the tracker. If you already downloaded 1.2 and don't intend to use the
replayer source code you don't need to redownload)

HivelyTracker offers the following features over AHX:

* Multichannel (4 to 16 channels)
* Per-channel stereo panning
* Two commands per note instead of one
* Ring modulation
* A more feature rich editor

HivelyTracker was coded by Xeron/IRIS
GUI design and skins by Spot/Up Rough

Changes since 1.2:

- Position editor now has indicators so its clear to which channel
each column relates (suggested by syphus).
- If you used ring modulation effects in the right hand parameter
list of an instrument, but not the left, it would try and save
it as an AHX instrument instead of an HVL instrument. Fixed.
(thanks to syphus).
- Added Zap Song/Instrument/Position options (suggested by m0d)
- Added play time indicator (suggested by someone, sorry forgot who).
- You can now copy and paste arbitary regions in the position editor.
(suggested by a couple of people, and I always intended to do it
anyway :)
- "prefs_bg" and "Settings" in skins are now "prefs_os4" and
"Settings_os4" respectively so that the same skin can be used for
both the OS4 and OS3.x versions.
- Added some bounds checking to the replayer to avoid weird crashes
- Fixed a couple of small bugs in the replayer (thanks to pieknyman)
- When changing the position during playback, the current position
plays through to the end before jumping to your selected position
(suggested by syphus)
- Some status information which should have been local to each tab
was global. Oops. Fixed now.
- Added Ctrl+Tab to jump to the same column in the next channel, and
Shift+Ctrl+Tab to jump to the same column in the previous channel.
(suggested by syphus)
- Added Alt+A to mute all but the current channel (suggested by
- Added Alt+Q to mute all channels
- Right clicking on "New Tab" now makes an identical clone of the
current tab.
- Added speed multiplier gadget. This is a feature of both AHX and
HVL tunes that was always implimented, but there was no way to
actually set it in hivelytracker until now (oops :)
- Pressing the right mousebutton in the instruments list of the
instruments editor will copy the current instrument to the slot
where you clicked.
- Holding control and pressing the right mousebutton on a slot in
the instrument list in the instrument editor will zap that
- Changed the default gain values when loading in AHX modules and
using stereo mixing. The values before were calculated by
running lots of tunes through the Autogain calculations and
using the lowest values that came out. Well, it was too high, so
now I actually calculated them using actual maths! (thanks again
to pieknyman for finding a tune that clipped).
- Added some more options to the skin system to enable the cool new
"Vintage" theme.

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