RockBEAT 2.1 released

Date 7-Mar-2007 5:12:21
Topic: Software News

RockBEAT 2.1 is now available for AmigaOS4 users. The community has been so good to me over the years, that I've decided to make RockBEAT FREEWARE effective immediately!

What is it??

RockBEAT is a simple software drum machine for AmigaOS4. It is a tool for
musicians that allows you to create drumming tracks. It can create multiple
tracks, each one being 4x 4/4 measures with 16th notes. You can save individual
tracks as wav files, or the whole thing as one big song. You can drop in your
own 16bit stereo 44100Hz PCM WAV samples in the drumsamples/ folder if you

Import your drums into Audio Evolution or HD-REC and record some vocals and guitar to go with it, or just jam along. Great for the bedroom guitarist.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 1

a brief bit of "music" I made with HDREC and RockBEAT

Download from

Changes 2.1

- Made adjustments to calculations for WAV file saving, so hopefully the larger WAV's will load better in HDREC, etc.

- Added a "Copy tracks" function. Copy some or all instrument tracks to a new/different bar. Just perfect when you want to keep the same hihat throughout your song, and you dont want to keep clicking it back up again and again!

- Made a number of improvements for adding new bars.

- RockBEAT is now freeware! E-mail me if you want a free personalised keyfile with your name in it.

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