MUIbase v2.2 is out !

Date 7-Mar-2007 11:37:28
Topic: Software News

New version 2.2 of MUIbase hit Aminet last Sunday.
MUIbase is a programmable relationnal database application with an MUI GUI and is developped by Steffen Gutmann since many years on Amiga. Now Amiga version is free but there are also Linux and Windows versions compatible with the Amiga one.
MUIbase works under OS4 final without problem.
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Changes since v2.1 :
o First official Linux and Windows versions which are fully functional and compatible to the Amiga version.

o GlowIcon set by Pascal Marcelin.

o French catalog translation by Alexandre Balaban.

o New formats HH:MM:SS, MM:SS, and HH:MM for displaying and entering of time values.

o Support of time values larger than 23:59:59.

An allready registered key for Amiga MUIBase works for the Linux- and Windows-version too.

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