Recording industry sues students for creating Napster-like network

Date 4-Apr-2003 8:29:16
Topic: News

The recording industry today filed copyright infringement lawsuits against four college students, accusing them of setting up Napster-like file-swapping services on their campus networks.

The civil suits charge that students illicitly offered tens of thousands -- and in one case, a million songs -- without permission from the labels or artists, then, publicly bragged about their theft.

"This is a particularly flagrant way to illegally distribute millions of copyrighted works over the Internet,'' said Cary Sherman, president of the Recording Industry Association of America, the industry's leading trade group."The people who run these Napster networks know full well what they are doing -- operating a sophisticated network designed to enable widespread thievery.''

The labels sued students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Princeton University and Michigan Technological University. It asked courts to halt the illegal music downloading and to assess the maximum penalty of $150,000 per infringed work.


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