Individual Computers at CeBit, Clone-A presentation on march 31st

Date 9-Mar-2007 12:59:18
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Individual Computers is present at the world's biggest computer fair CeBit twice this year: Viprinet GmbH shows the Multichannel VPN Router. Individual Computers was significantly involved in the development of the router, which lets you bundle up to six physical broadband lines into a single virtual dedicated line. This increases bandwidth, but also increases reliability of your internet connection up to 99.99% annual mean availability - better and cheaper than any regular dedicated line could offer. Viprinet has booth number E48 in hall 14.

We're especially happy to support the new company Commodore with rare units from our retro-computer collection. This includes a PET2001 which is 30 years old this year. Commodore International is at booth number B34 in hall 19.

Our project "Clone-A" will be demonstrated on saturday march 31st, 2007 in Aachen, Germany. We will show the prototype of our Amiga-chipset clone at Schloss Rahe Business Center from 12:00 to 4:00pm. Clone-A will ultimately be put into a single low-cost chip, which can be used in a laptop or desktop computer, but also in smaller mobile units and toys. The chip contains the processor, accelerated graphics and sound. To operate the chip, only a small amount of memory is needed. There's a huge number of free and commercial programs and about 5000 games for the Amiga platform. The games can compete with today's consoles in multimedia presentation and gaming fun.
After a demonstration that we have prepared (about 30 minutes), visitors will have the chance to put Clone-A to the test: We're inviting visitors to bring especially critical software, which will demonstrate the compatibility of Clone-A to a real Amiga. Should you bring a program (floppy disk) that works better on an Amiga 500 with 1MB of chipmem and a 68000 processor at 7MHz, we will honour your efforts with a voucher for 100,- EUR for products out of our portfolio.

There is no entrance fee for Schloss Rahe Business Center, and there's free parking for visitors.

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