AFA OS3.95 with new Icon lib and 32bit Icon drag with P96 and CGX 3

Date 12-Mar-2007 16:50:51
Topic: Software News

Use AROS Icon Library now.
Show OS4 Icons and dual PNG Icons in Workbench and Dopus Magellan.
Icon drag in 32 bit work with Workbench and Dopus Magellan with P96 and until CGX 3 Version 41.10.
On all higher Versions is a 4 Color image of the 32bit image show.

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The Problem is newer CGX convert the Image Data.SUPERGELS env var 0 dont help.
The link to the 32bit is encodet in old bitmap Data.
Maybe ask the CGX Author if he can get hints how to avoid image converting or how code the link.

GlowIcons need no Pens for better display and faster speed

Symphony Player work now with AFA OS.Because this prog do special text tricks
it show no AA Font now

In AFA Prefs the transparency of default Icons and on Icon drag can set.

Update FAQ.Please read when you have Problems

morelibspace increase the libspace on boot, need for Icon library
add in your startup-sequence before setpatch.
OS3.1 user must do morelibspace REBOOT

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