New Magazine: the #amiga guide

Date 15-Mar-2007 21:13:33
Topic: Announcement proudly presents a new Amiga magazine:

#amiga guide

Issue 1-2007 of the #amiga guide magazine is ready to be sent to the printers


The #amiga guide, #AG for short, is a new Amiga Magazine in English and is intended to be sold both sales on a single issue basis and on a subscription.

Its web site,, will soon be online with some details about this new magazine.

Meanwhile you can note that:

- The magazine is made by Amigans, on Amigas (except front page) and is intended for Amigans
- The magazine is printed in Norway
- Due to the Norwegian Postal Office postal service, we are limitied to 20 A4-page issues, as the weight limit for economic postage is 100gr.
- The website (, will mostly contain static html code .
- will serve as an online news base for the magazine
- Registered users of are granted the privelige of being able to download free digital issues of #AG in PDF format, but of course, the downloads will only be available some time after paper issues are delivered).
- Editoral notes and news regarding #amiga guide will be posted at

#amiga guide would like to thank Opus of #amiga for granting us the rights to use #amiga as a part of the nick name.
We consider the #amiga IRC channel to be one of the home IRC channels of #amiga guide. However, #amigaguide will be the channel for readers with special interest in #AG. (Hi, Andrew! =) )

#amigaguide and #amiga are part of the EFnet IRC Network.

The Editor of the #amiga guide is Tommy Strand, Norway, aka alef or alefOne.

The co-producer is Michael Heltne, Norway, aka mike^.

Read the full news item and download sample pages in PDF format at: full news item

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