RDesktop 2007-1 Released

Date 20-Mar-2007 1:31:13
Topic: Software News

I am very happy to announce a new version of the Remote Desktop client for OS4! The new version includes support for connecting to Windows Vista machines, automatic stack checking and the latest GUI all in one package.

For users who have donated, please E-mail darrenhd@gmail.com and I will send you the latest version after verifying your prior (or new) donation.

For OS4 users who have not donated I have put together a special archive with the latest GUI included, but an older version of the client so you can try it out.

The features of the Remote Desktop client are:

Connect to NT/2000 Server/2003 Server/XP Pro
Window or Full Screen
Audio re-direction
Clipboard support
Full Featured GUI
Connect to Multiple remote machines
16-bit Colour Support
Faster than VNC!

The full featured version, available to users who have donated, include all of the above features plus:

Windows Vista connectivity
Automatic Stack checking
Persistant Cache (upto 20 mb)
Connection Bar
Mouse Adjustments
Performance Increases
Many bug fixes

Please visit HD-Zone to download.

There is a screenshot of the latest version running on OS4 final here:

OS4 Screenshot connecting to Vista

Thank you for your continued support! The full-featured and modern client would not have been possible without your continued and generous donations.

New donations are accepted on HD-Zone by using the PayPal button. If you do not have access to PayPal please send me an E-mail and we can make alternate arrangements.

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