AmiKit 1.3.2 Speed-Up Update

Date 20-Mar-2007 20:00:28
Topic: Software News

This update speeds up the AmiKit's performance. The icon loading might be up to 3 times faster and the system should be more responsive in general. The update is delivered to you automatically thanks to the Live Update feature.

AmiKit 1.3.2 LIVE update (19-Mar-2007):
- UPDATED: AfA_OS - faster icon_lib.exe
- UPDATED: LimpidClock (decreased program's priority to speed up the system)
- UPDATED: Meridian 2.23 (1-Mar-2007)
- UPDATED: microgolded 8 SP 8
- UPDATED: MMKeyboard 3.24 (1-Mar-2007)
- UPDATED: playOGG 6.4d

AmiKit 1.3.1 LIVE update (12-Mar-2007):
- ADDED: MakeCD free license key! ("AmiKit:Utilities/MakeCD/Free License Key")
- ADDED: New dual PNG icons by Ken Lester (AmiKit:Prefs/ and others) [example]
- UPDATED: AfA_OS 3.95
- UPDATED: akPNG DataType 45.58
- UPDATED: akSVG DataType 45.58
- UPDATED: CD mountlists (decreased the MaxTransfer value)
- UPDATED: FryingPan 1.2.2
- UPDATED: HivelyTracker 1.3
- UPDATED: MCC_BetterString 11.9
- UPDATED: MCC_TheBar 21.3
- UPDATED: MUIbase 2.2
- UPDATED: playOGG 6.4
- FIXED: Now holding down a Shift key during boot process loads Workbench instead of Magellan.

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