Poseidon USB Stack Update 3.6

Date 27-Mar-2007 4:06:02
Topic: Software News

The Poseidon USB Stack has been updated to version 3.6.

A Word of Warning Poseidon main archive is for 68k. See ReadMe for details.
Do NOT use this on MorphOS!
(V3.6 will be part of the next MorphOS release)!

Grab it here
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From readme:
- Mass storage class overhaul. Now supports bigger physical block sizes
for automounting of RDB partitions, FAT/NTFS and also CD/DVD drives,
also adding a lot of emulation, workaround and new compatibility fixes.
- Several fixes and changes regarding USB 2.0 support.
- Reworked Prefs Handling, enhanced Trident.
- Changes, fixes and enhancements in the main library.
- New class supporting ethernet adapters using ASIX Chipsets.
- New shell tool for the use of USB Rocket Launchers (no April's fool).

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