Clone-A demonstration successful, new Catweasel drivers, Breakpoint sponsoring

Date 2-Apr-2007 23:40:52
Topic: Events

On saturday, march 31st, Clone-A was successfully presented at Schloss Rahe Business center in Aachen, Germany. Project leader Oliver Achten and owner Jens Schönfeld faced up to the visitor's questions and presented an Amiga where the complete custom chipset was replaced by Clone-A development boards.

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In addition to demo programs that we have prepared, lots of programs were shown that visitors have brought. All these programs were executed without any flaws, just one program made the computer crash, where it wasn't clear if it was caused by a read error from the disk or by an incompatibility of the chipset. The visitor was given a voucher for 100,- EUR. In further tests after the demonstration, we could not reproduce the error, so there's no known incompatibility between Clone-A and a "real" Amiga at this time.

A new version of the Catweasel MK4 driver is available from our support site. Version is a public beta version that corrects many known issues and adds new features. The most important change is that the joysticks can now be used as input devices for any Windows program (for example emulators), without the need for adapting these programs first. A new configuration program eases the use of the imagetool, and a few files for developers have been added to the archive, so direct access to disks is possible for other programs. Certain computer configurations now allow the "suspend to disk" function. This lets you put the computer into hibernation mode without having to shut it down completely. Since this function does not work properly on all computers yet, we decided to release this driver version as a beta-version with known issues and continue to work on this part of the driver in the coming weeks.

Like every year at easter time, the Breakpoint party takes place in Bingen, Germany, where more than 1000 visitors are expected. Of course we are sponsoring the event with cash and hardware prizes. The presentation of Clone-A will be repeated during a seminar. Unfortunately, project leader Oliver Achten does not have the time to take part in the Breakpoint party.

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