AmiNetRadio released - A MP3/Shoutcast player

Date 6-Apr-2003 7:35:43
Topic: Software News

AmiNetRadio (ANR), a new MP3/Shoutcast player has been released at #AmigaZeux World. The software uses MUI and AHI. Read more for the feature list.

Feature list:

- Load and playing of shoutcast streams with no locking, hanging or crashing!
- An attractive, powerful and fully skinnable GUI with lots of nice effects!
- Powerful and flexible shoutcast search tool. No need to waste time browsing!
- Optional streaming mp3 to disk - save those favourite streams for later!
- Attractive external and in-built scopes!
- The ability to use AMPlifier and AmigaAMP scopes!
- OpenURL support - visit the shoutcast stream's radio website in a click!
- Paste URLs as IP addresses or DNS names.
- Plays mp3 files from disk as well as internet streams
- Fast and efficient - no 2MB exes or waiting ages for it to load!
- It works on an Amiga! No x86 system needed!
- System friendly and usable on MorphOS, probably also OS4 and emulators!

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