Consumer AmigaONEs available!

Date 1-Nov-2002 19:19:56
Topic: Announcement

We're there at last. Since the previous update to the AmigaOne section over 6 months ago the AmigaOne boards have been in the hands of our developers, and as a result of their feedback, the original firmware which we were to have shipped with the board (by Softex) has been replaced by specially adopted PPCBoot code. That, and identifying - and fixing a small problem with the Articia northbridge chip - have resulted in us holding back shipments of the consumer version of the AmigaOneG3-SE. That is until now!

During this period work has also continued with the AmigaOne-XE design (which has replaceable cpu modules). This design is now ready to go into production alongside the AmigaOneG3-SE. And perhaps the best news of all is that the G4 cpu is now available in moderate quantities, on acceptable delivery and price terms such that we are now able to offer a G4-based AmigaOne-XE at the same time as our public launch of the AmigaOneG3-SE.

The upshot is that we are taking orders for both the 600MHz G3-based AmigaOneG3-SE, and the 800MHz G4-based AmigaOne-XE, starting at the WoA-SE show on 2nd November 2002 - for delivery before Christmas (and, yes, for the cynics out there, we really do mean Christmas 2002!). A 700MHz G3 (750FX cpu) version of the AmigaOne-XE will be made available - at reduced cost - early in 2003.

Read the full announcement on Eyetechs website.

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