SFS (1.270) released

Date 17-Apr-2007 21:54:45
Topic: Software News

Jörg Strohmayer has made the latest version of his SmartFileSystem (SFS 1.270) available for both OS3.x and OS4.

A list of changes since 1.268 include:

1.270 (17.4.2007)

  • Removed the requesters with timeouts for successful operations since they can't be read on most systems anyway because they are displayed before Picasso96, etc. is loaded, and before IPrefs was started.

1.269 (3.4.2007)

  • Forgot to disable some debug output in 1.268, fixed.

1.268 (29.3.2007)

  • Requesters don't use TimedDosRequester() anymore since the new SYS:Prefs/Presets/Requester feature of requester.class could cause deadlocks.

  • Changed some memory allocations to MEMF_PUBLIC/MEMF_SHARED.

You can find all the binaries and full changelogs on the SFS homepage.

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