Total Amiga Issue 26 Out Now

Date 21-Apr-2007 17:30:48
Topic: Announcement

The 26th and final edition of Total Amiga magazine is now available.

Subscriber copies and pre-orders were posted today and should begin to arrive next week. In this packed 52-page edition you will find:

Amiga news round-up.

ACube Systems Interview.
Edgar Schwan (Cygnix) Interview.
Hively Tracker team Interview.
Retrospective, Amiga 1000.

Amiga OS 4 Final.
IBrowse 2.4.
AmiPhoto 1.5.
Linksys PSUS 4 printer server.
Immortal 2 and 3 CDs.
MindCandy 2 DVD.

MindSpace tutorial.
PageStream label printing tutorial.
ImageFX Animated GIF tutorial.

Stock of issue 26 is limited so, if you haven't already done so, order your copy now! Further details and on-line ordering can be found on our website:

Copies of issue 26 will also be arriving at Amiga dealers including Alinea Computer,, GGS Data andGuru Meditation shortly.

To end on a personal note, thanks to everyone for their support and understanding over our decision to cease publication. Your kind words have been greatly appreciated by the Total Amiga team.

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