Amijeweled RTG: Update to V1.1 & CD box pictures available!

Date 21-Apr-2007 18:31:38
Topic: Software News

Amijeweled RTG Full/Demo update available & CD box pictures online!

We are very happy to provide you a new version of Amijeweled. It is V1.1 and should solve most known problems, first of all the start problems with OS4/WinUAE (many, many thanks go to Almos Rajnai for guiding us to this nasty bug!).

Further, a new feature is a drastically reduced stack demand of Amijeweled. It should run now with a stack of 8192 bytes. We achieved this by a major rewrite of the decruncher.

Additionally, the full version bears a new highscore feature. It directly jumps to the appropriate highscore list within the title screen after entering the highscore, so you don't have to wait such long time to see your highscore in the list.

MOS users have to wait a bit more, we are very sorry. Amijeweled crashes for totally unknown reasons within the level mode, just when switching to a higher level. Amijeweled starts now on MOS (thanks go to piru of, but it is not really playable yet. We are very sorry for this!

Customers already received the update for their full versions per email, the new demo version is available for download at our internet site right now.

Customers who ordered a CD version the last two days, or will do so today, will receive the CD with the newest version of Amijeweled on it.

If you want to have a look on the CD and its cover in advance, please visit our forum.

With kind regards

Niels Schapke & Wolfgang Hosemann

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