So Long Fred, and thanks for all the Fish disks!

Date 28-Apr-2007 1:20:57
Topic: Announcement

Last friday, Fred Fish died in his home on April 20, 2007 at the age of 54.

He began offering Fish disks by mail order from his home in 1986 at a time years before we had Aminet or internet access, and BBS's mostly ran from floppy drives. What he started evolved into probably the biggest sneakernet distribution system ever. User group meetings at the time flourished largely due to the fact that they offered Fish disks for their users to copy. He initiated Geek Gadgets as well, a Unix environment for AmigaOS and BeOS. He's done extensive work on GDB and binutils. He worked briefly at Be Inc, makers of BeOS, and Cygnus, makers of Cygwin.

His contributions to free software in general, and especialy the Amiga have shaped most of our experiences with the platform, and have earned him a place among the platform's pioneers.

So long Fred, and thanks for all the Fish disks!

The Amiga will outlive us all.

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