HSC (v0.929) released

Date 7-Apr-2003 15:11:28
Topic: Software News

Matthias Bethke released v0.929 of the HTML preprocessor called "HTML Sucks Completely" (HSC) (originally written by Thomas Aglassinger).

HSC sources should compile on all systems previously supported (tested: Linux, HP/UX, AmigaOS 3.9).

Documentation is available online.

This archive also includes the latest prefs and macro files.

Version 0.929 adds some CSS support and fixes minor bugs. The latest changes:

  • HSC
    • Added limited CSS support ( tag, syntax checks in STYLE attributes, NOVALIDATECSS=NVCS/S option).
    • Added GetFileDate operator.
    • Stricter /MUST_BE_INSIDE=MBI modifier semantics in XHTML mode.
    • Fixed the JENS/S option.
    • Fixed minor hiccoughs of the /OBSOLETE attribute modifier.

  • Prefs: Added more than 100 CSS property definitions.
  • Documentation/Misc
    • Documented messages #88-91
    • Added a VIM syntax highlighting file.

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