AmiKit 1.3.3 Live Update available

Date 3-May-2007 0:42:57
Topic: Software News

AmiKit is a way to experience a high-end classic AmigaOS on your Windows system. The update brings you another exclusive content: more than 100 new DualPNG icons painted by Ken Lester as well as newest Amijeweled 1.2 special demo for AmiKit. Lots of software has been updated too.

For more information visit AmiKit website. A support forum is also available.

Read more for details and screenshots....(mod)

Check the screenshots! (click the images).

AmiKit 1.3.3 LIVE update (02-May-2007):

So Long Fred, and thanks for all the Fish disks!

- ADDED: Amijeweled 1.2 Demo (special AmiKit version) by Insane-Software!
- ADDED: AWeb nav buttons by El Amigos (AmiKit:Internet/AWeb_APL/Images/ElAmigos/)
- ADDED: EasyACCDA 1.9 by Allesandro Marinuzzi (AmiKit:Utilities/EasyACDDA/)
- ADDED: Leon 64k intro by Elcrew (AmiKit:Demos/Leon/)
- ADDED: More DualPNG icons painted by Ken Lester
- ADDED: More French translations by Eric Luczyszyn
- ADDED: Shiny theme created by fishy_fis (run "MorpheuZ" to enable it)
- UPDATED: AfA_OS icon_lib.exe (now compatible with Scalos, OS4 and MOS icon format)
- UPDATED: akJFIF DataType 45.60
- UPDATED: akLJPG DataType 45.60
- UPDATED: akNAIL DataType 45.60
- UPDATED: akPNG DataType 45.60
- UPDATED: akSVG DataType 45.60
- UPDATED: akTIFF DataType 45.60
- UPDATED: AmiKit LiveUpdate 1.3
- UPDATED: AmiKit - MorpheuZ 1.3
- UPDATED: EvenMore 0.64 + AISS ToolBar
- UPDATED: FryingPan 1.2.3
- UPDATED: LimpidClock 1.18 beta
- UPDATED: microgolded 8 SP9
- UPDATED: MMKeyboard 3.25
- UPDATED: playOGG 6.6
- UPDATED: Smart Filesystem 1.270

NOTE: After the update, another reboot is required to activate the new AfA_OS. Otherwise the icons might be misplaced.

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