AROS drops Amiga from its name!

Date 5-May-2007 16:13:06
Topic: hardware OS4

Due to the recent legal turmoil between Amiga Inc. and Hyperion, the Amiga reference is going to be removed from the AROS' name.

Its new name is now "AROS Research OS", making it part of the long list of projects that, like GNU, have recursive acronyms as names.

The news was taken from and originated from the AROS mailing list.


AROS: Renaming project
According to Aaron Digulla, initiator of the open source code operating system AROS, the name "Amiga" will be deleted from the project name because of the legal steps of Amiga Inc. against Hyperion.

Because of these reasons the project simply is called "AROS", "AROS Research Operating System" or "AROS Research OS". Of course you can call the project just like you want but in eMails, articles and on websites it should be called "AROS - The AROS Research Operating System"

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