WinUAE (1.4.2 a) released

Date 12-May-2007 20:53:22
Topic: Software News

Toni Willen has released the latest update to the Amiga Emulator - WinUAE.

Read more for the changes.

New features:
  • "Windowed fullscreen" for users with multiple monitors, fullscreen Amiga on secondary monitor, windows on primary monitor, no more lost fullscreen when focus changes to Windows program.

  • A600/A1200 and A4000 IDE harddrive (HDF) hardware emulation, includes also "4-Way IDE" / "IDE splitter" emulation.

  • Directory, HDF, IDE and Picasso96 statefile support. WARNING: data loss possible if data in HDF has changed between saving and restoring! Picasso96 statefile support not 100% compatible yet.

  • 68030 and 68060 (with FPU. 68060.library required) emulation. (no MMU)

  • 68881/68882 FPU type selectable.

  • Global brightness, contrast and gamma adjustment.

  • "PAL" TV-like filter, with brightness, contrast, gamma, scanline level, blur and noise adjustment.

  • GUI debugger, debugger improvements. (xx switches debugger modes)

  • New GUI font if running under Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

  • Interpolation and filters supported in 4/6 channel sound modes.

  • Log and debugger console position stored in registry.

Bugs fixed:
  • Improved CDTV emulation compatibility.

  • 1.4.0 FPU clamping fix.

  • Missing channels in 4 channel sound mode. (Emu10K based cards)

  • 10x+ performance increase during "decrunching" color effects when no filters enabled and only background color was visible.

  • Crash when loading config and specific chipset extra model was selected.

  • Direct HD support improved, SyQuest removable drives detected properly.

  • Minor custom chipset emulation updates.

  • Rare emulator crash when running Amiga program crashed badly.

  • Filter centering improved.

Bugfix 1420a released - links updated
Bugs fixed:
  • Path handling problems fixed. If you still have problems with paths, select Paths-panel "WinUAE default (old)" and click "Reset to defaults" and then manually adjust paths if needed.

  • Windows 98SE (and ME?) incompatibility.

Click link to download the Installer version.
Click link to download the ZIP version.

For the latest information on developments be sure to visit the official WinUAE website.

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