Return of Amiga Emulation for Beginners Confirmed

Date 13-May-2007 12:55:17
Topic: Software News

An off-shoot of known as Amiga Emulation for Beginners was designed to assist gamers who wanted to play retro games through emulation. However, just a few months after was shut down the website vanished without warning and to the dismay of many Amiga gamers. However, Amiga Flame can officially confirm that the emulation website will return.

Richard Brigham, webmaster of Amiga Emulation for Beginners, revealed that “lots of progress has been made, and a lot of the stuff that was on BTTR will be there too”. The new site will feature new emulation guides (in HTML, Word, and PDF formats), a massive commercial games list, collections like T-Bag, Assassins, and Games Galore, and more freeware and shareware. Finally, there will be a section where remakes of classic Amiga games like Alien Breed and an assortment of others can be downloaded.

This exciting development is bound to wet the appetite of retro gamers but you must be patient as Richard Brigham is working alone on the project. He hopes to upload the new version of Amiga Emulation for Beginners by the end of May.

If you wish to send your support for this project, then e-mail Richard Brigham at:-
cpc464 at hotmail dot co dot uk

News Source: Amiga Flame

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