Issue 49 of the CRYPTmag is now out.

Date 14-May-2007 19:50:59
Topic: Announcement

Issue 49 - "Tribute to Barry Cann" is out now.

Barry Cann, a previous Editor of the CRYPTmag, passed away suddenly on the morning of 12th April 2007. He was a keen contributor to the magazine and previous issues are full of his Steam train articles, not forgetting his poems which were always though provoking and enlightening. He will be greatly missed by all the Staff members.

Rest in peace Barry.

In this issue we bring you 2 NEW Amiga projects to try out yourself:-

"Switching From PAL To NTSC And Back Again."

"A Simple 100Hz To 10KHz Square Wave Generator."

Please let the author Barry Walker know how you get on with them. Plus Barry has written a Blog you should read on why he prefers to use an Amiga to today's platforms -

In reply, Ian Urie has written a reply which has stirred a hornets nest amongst the Staff members -

If you have an opinion on the subject then please leave a comment.

As well as this, the current magazine has over 70 articles to catch your interest. From Photoshop hints to Grand Prix cars, from Linux file systems to 7 sexy secrets. Enough material to keep you busy for hours.

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