Allegro Game development library - Status update

Date 19-May-2007 0:58:21
Topic: Software News

The idea to get Allegro ported to AmigaOS4 came from spotUP who needed Allegro to get more stuff to port. As spotUP is responsible for 300+ uploads to OS4depot I think that sounded like a great idea and the bounty was set up at
We have so far reached 250 EUR but I was hoping more people would make some donations as there are now two people working on the Allegro port.

And that was actually what this status update was all about. To keep it short, the bounty has been assigned to RWO and Hitman/CodeHQ and work so far is progressing well .
Visit and please keep the donations coming so spotUP and others can soon enjoy using allegro when porting stuff for OS4.

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