IBM presents new line of PPC with Power6 architecture

Date 22-May-2007 10:14:19
Topic: Hardware News

Yesterday 21 may 2007 IBM presented at London the new line of processor with Power6 architecture.

These chips are designed at 65 nanometers, and clock double than a PPC G5.

The Power6 it is a dual core CPU offered in a wide range of clock speed models upto maximum of 4,7 GHz. The cache level 2 it is 8 MB, and the internal bandwidth it is at 300 MB per second.

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These new chips are aimed at virtualization and can support upto 1024 patitions and same number of memory management issues.

An high degree of care has be put in the design of the processor Power6 to avoid energy consuming and overheating. The Power6 could perform the best part of instructions in a single cycle of clock. Due to vaste number of pipelines, various instructions are computed in parallel any cycle.
Power6 is capable to downscale dynamically its internal clock when there is no high speed requirements or stress computing necessities.
Thanks also to 65 nm design, the Power6 consumes 30% less than PPC G5.

IBM representatives proudly said that if it will be possible to connect to very high speed internet, the Power6 could be capable to download entire Apple iTunes repository (20 Terabytes circa) in less than 60 seconds.

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