PointRider v0.30 released

Date 22-May-2007 14:43:48
Topic: Software News

New Power Point is here!! and you can dl it from Aminet!

"PointRider is the first PowerPoint file viewer for our

Features :
- support of the PowerPoint 97 files
- images are displayed with right position and size
- basic layout of the displayed text
- fullscreen swap with the 'f' key
- option for automatic display with a chosen delay
- background display (per slide or inherited)

Limitations :

- each file has its own display size (almost always
1024x768) but PointRider always opens a 1024x768 one.
- the background colour or image is ignored
- there is no transition effects
- the fonts are not used correctly : a unique default
font is used automatically, depending on your system.
- ..."

Click link to download AmigaOS4 version (610K LHA)
Click link to download MorphOS version (98K LHA)

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