New software releases by OnyxSoft

Date 22-May-2007 17:12:16
Topic: Software News

OnyxSoft is releasing two software updates!

Updated programs

AllKeys v2.1 - (OS4,MOS) Hotkey program supporting most multimedia-keys and mousebuttons.
- Fixed a few issues, especially regarding OS4 Final. I was completely sure I had released this already and I started with v2.2 a long time ago, but apparently I never got around to releasing v2.1. I apologize for that.

DRemind v1.70 - (68k) Reminder program with Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly/Single/Day or Time interval reminds wich will show as a small window and/or execute a file or arexx command.
- Yes, this old thing still lives! Latest changes include, among other things, saveable temporary reminds plus a few bug fixes.

In case anyone wonders what has happened to the previous quite stable stream of updates of a lot of program from OnyxSoft, I can asure you that we have NOT left the scene or anything, it's just that last year I finally got myself a full time job and a girlfriend at the same time. That hasn't left much time for development. But rest assured, stuff are cooking under the surface! I'm not opening all those threads in the developer forum just for fun...

An online AutoUpdate release of Annotate v2.5.3 with Undo/Redo (embarrasingly late) has also been made. Annotate is a comprehensive text editor somewhat geared towards developers. If you haven't got it, go to OnyxSoft and get Annotate v2.5 which will then automatically update itself! An official release will follow in the days to come when I have gotten everything together.

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