The return of TwinVNC

Date 26-May-2007 16:06:08
Topic: Software News

Seg has the pleasure of offering you an update of TwinVNC to version 0.8 beta. This version, after 8 months of hibernation, has just been rendered public after spending a few hours on the source code to add the finishing touches.

Little reminder : TwinVNC is a tool that enables you to take control of a remote computer. It respects the remote control protocol RFB. This means the client is therefore compatible with servers such as TightVNC (Windows/Unix like), RealVNC (Windows/Unix like), OSXVnc (MacOS), VNC Server (MorphOS), etc.

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Amongst the additions/improvements, you will find :
- the appearance of a smoothing option when using the resized view , available in RTG or not. This provides very satisfactory results on AGA
- the addition of a NODISPLAY option allowing you to stop the client-side display. This limits client and server processor load and is useful when the server screen is physically within view
- password encryption for the security conscious
- save options in the form of a project icon updateable from tooltypes TwinVNC
- new catalogs : Italian, Spanish and German
- a new heading called “testimonies” in the documentation. You can also bring your experience and comments to the next version of TwinVNC
- read history from TwinVNC to discover the complete list of new features...

Download Page : TwinVNC0.8beta.lha (AmigaOS/68k, AmigaOS4 and MorphOS) [820 ko]

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