GQView 2.1.5 for Cygnix (AmigaOS 4) released

Date 2-Jun-2007 15:38:29
Topic: Software News

GQview is an image viewer, that makes navigation of images easy. Images can be
viewed full screen, and a slide show function allows automatic changing of the
displayed image.

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GQview is an image manager, with complete copy, move, rename, and delete func-
tions available at the press of a button. Find the right image with the search
feature. Image collectors can free up space with a function that finds duplicate

Supported image formats:
- IFF-ILBM (.ilbm)
- JPEG (.jpeg, .jpe, .jpg)
- PNG (.png)
- PCX (.pcx)
- BMP / WBMP (.bmp, .wbmp)
- GIF (.gif)
- TIFF (.tiff, .tif)
- PNM / PBM / PGM / PPM (.pnm, .pbm, .pgm, .ppm)
- Canon RAW-Format (.crw, .cr2)
- Fujifilm RAW-Format (.raf)
- Nikon RAW-Format (.nef)
- Olympus RAW-Format (.orf)
- Pentax RAW-Format (.pef)
- ANI (.ani)
- Windows icon (.ico, .cur)
- Sun Raster (.ras)
- Targa (.tga, .targa)
- X-Bitmap (.xbm)
- X-Pixmap (.xpm)


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