1500 files at OS4Depot!

Date 4-Jun-2007 19:56:36
Topic: Miscellaneous News

I did it last night!
I uploaded a stash of files to snatch upload 1500!

Here it is. Upload 1500! Great game too!
vor.lha gam/act 0.5.3 782kb 03 Jun 07 - A great Rock Dodger variant.


Here's the others;
brikx.lha gam/puz 5Mb 03 Jun 07 - A puzzle game, connect the blocks
sdltetris.lha gam/puz 954kb 03 Jun 07 - Yet another so-so Tetris clone.
scummer.lha gam/uti Beta5 148kb 03 Jun 07 - Reads and display images from LucasArts games.
sdlsand.lha uti/sci 124kb 03 Jun 07 - A cool falling sand simulator toy.

Congrats to ME! ;)

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