M-Pegit v2.2 supports resizing & playing mpeg files with audio!

Date 7-Jun-2007 9:11:41
Topic: Software News

M-pegIt is a program to play, select, resize and capture frames from an Mpeg-1 video file and save them as bitmap (.bmp) graphics files. It supports both an "Auto Mode" and "Manual Mode".

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Version 2.2 adds the ability to play/pause mpeg-1 video files with audio. It also add the ability to scale the video from 10 to 300% and caputre frames at different sizes. This program makes it easy to capture a frame then use Image2Icon (found on OS4Depot) to create icons to use for your mpeg files!

M-Pegit v2.2 has just been uploaded to OS4Depot and should be available soon.

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