RC5 competition has been cancelled

Date 7-Jun-2007 23:44:43
Topic: News

As announced in Distributed.net news page and in Distributed Amiga, RSA Labs has decided unilaterally to cancel the RC5-72 Challenge:

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...RSA Labs has decided to terminate the RSA Secret-Key Challenge, which impacts the RC5-72 project and all of the remaining RC5 challenges. This means that RSA Labs will not confirm any solutions or award any additional prizes, should a correct solution be found. Furthermore, we have received a statement indicating that they will not be disclosing the solutions to the unsolved challenges.[...]

Although RSA Labs is halting their official sponsorship, there is still the option open to us to continue the project without their prize or validation. We would like to solicit your feedback regarding this option.Discussion is welcome on our rc5 mailing list (see http://lists.distributed.net/mailman/listinfo/rc5 if you are not already a member). In the coming days, we will provide a facility to allow official votes to be made.

If the choice to discontinue the RC5-72 project is made, the official transition plan will be as follows: In one week's time from the announced decision, the distributed.net keyservers will begin indicating that the RC5-72 project is closed to all connecting dnetc clients. All results received after that time will be discarded.[...]

We intend to continue operating the OGRp2 project,[...]

Whether it will be definitely cancelled or not is still to be known. Time to switch to OGR-P2?

Source: message by David "Tactica" Rey in Casa Amiga, a Spanish Amiga users mailing list



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