AmiPodder 1.6 Released

Date 24-Jun-2007 12:27:18
Topic: Software News

A new version of AmiPodder, my utility that allows Amiga users to subscribe to audio and video podcasts, is now available.

In addition to the usual minor changes and bug fixes, version 1.6 adds several new features. In the file management mode you can search for downloaded podcasts using various criteria and then delete those you no longer want. The user interface has been enhanced with icons (thanks Ken!) showing the status of podcast channels and episodes at a glance. Finally, AmiPodder is now localised so it can be translated into different languages. Italian and German catalogs are supplied and a translators file is included for anyone who would like to add support for their language.

AmiPodder 1.6 is written in AREXX using rxMUI and therefore works on OS 3.x, OS 4 and MorphOS. It's released as freeware and can be downloaded from:

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