The original Amiga Team together; Dale got married

Date 26-Jun-2007 18:56:47
Topic: Events

A sympathetic email of Carl Sassenrath (author of the language REBOL and Manager of AmigaOS and Amiga CDTV system development in years 80-90) informs us that a great part of the original Amiga Team met last week for the marriage of one of his collaborators Dale Luck.

The happy event, which was held at the Pulgas Water Temple (the source in water of San Francisco, California), was fixed by this unique photo and this article published on Carl's REBOL Blog.

We can see from left to right, front row:

Glenn Keller - HW: Paula chip
Dave Needle - HW: Agnus chip, system boards

And back row:

Carl Sassenrath - SW: Exec kernel
Dale Luck - SW: Graphics (and here, groom)
Sam Dicker - SW: Sound
RJ Mical - SW: Intuition (GUI)
Bob Burns - SW: Printers & input devices
Hedley Davis - HW: "Representing" Commodore

Unfortunately it miss Jay Miner, Team Leader and deceased in 1994, and many others who helped make Amiga possible.

It would be wonderful if this 'dream team' could meet again in other circumstances !

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