Codex Alpe Adria 2007 Update

Date 6-Jul-2007 4:24:39
Topic: Events

Codex Alpe Adria 2007, the friendly alternative computing and digital culture event organized by Cloanto, will take place this week-end in Udine, Italy. Unlike previous years, the main event on Saturday is to take place on a large tour coach, which will stop at various places of historical interest, while seminars take place on board the bus. The Codex Alpe Adria attendees will have a chance to explore this beautiful region between Venice and the Alps, crossing Roman, Byzantine and Venetian history with icebreakers and tales from Silicon Valley, and experiencing first hand computing art, history and future. Along the way, local delicacies and wines will be served, and new friends will be made.

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The event site at has been updated with the latest schedule and conference information, including two new speakers: Sergio Ruocco, organizer of the IPISA Amiga and alternative computing conferences in the 1990s, and Takis Tsiricos, author of "One Flew Over the Pacman's Nest" (a legal analysis of emulation). Sunday morning we plan to meet again in Tarvisio, in the Alps region north of Udine, for a walk near the Fusine lakes.

Joining the event is still possible, but online registration before Friday evening is appreciated in order to confirm the exact number of attendees. The event hotline is +39-334-731-7663. Great last-minute flight connections from Germany, the UK and most other European countries are still available at bargain prices to the three airports around Udine (Trieste = TRS, Venice = VCE, Treviso = TSF).

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