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AmigaWorld - Amiga Community Portal

New version of Disk Image Device OS4

Date 15-Jul-2007 19:04:26
Topic: Software News

Fredrik Wikström has updated the Disk Image Device to version 52.13.
This is an utility to mount ISO- and disk images as a device on OS4.

From readme:

This is a from scratch development for AmigaOS4.0 and is not to be confused
with Thore Boeckelmann's diskimage.device for AOS3.x. Only the name and some
functionality is the same (can use the same mountlists f.e.).

The DiskImageCtrl doesn't work with this device for this reason. This should
not be a problem however as there is now (as of v52.2) a ReAction GUI that
provides more or less the same functionality as this program.

WARNING: Never use DiskImageGUI with diskimage.device of different version. The
GUI relies on some private device vectors for it's functionality that are
likely to change as the device is improved and more features are added. Always
reboot after installing a new diskimage.device/DiskImageGUI version.


- AmigaOS4
- AISS (required by the GUI)
- capsimage.device (for IPF support only) -

Supported Image Formats:

- adf
- adz (gzipped adf)
- bin
- dms (DiskMaSher)
- img (normal/CloneCD)
- ipf (needs capsimage.device)
- iso (CD/DVD)
- mdf (Alcohol)
- nrg (Nero)

The following formats are supported but untested:
- b5i
- cdi
- pdi

Also supports compressed images through (if available):

- xadmaster.library
- xpkmaster.library

IPF images are always write protected and cannot be written to.

Download from OS4Depot

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