Amiga Future Article, Links and Calendar Database Update

Date 18-Jul-2007 13:15:44
Topic: Announcement

The Amiga Future homepage has got a comprehensive update the last few days.

The article database has been technically updated. The number of pages will not be displayed one below the other but next to the other. So there's no need for scrolling.
The font size has been fixed aswell. Furthermore the search engine works properly in the article database again.
Using the article database you can read about roughly 1500 articles on the Amiga Future homepage.

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A new links databse has been installed. All links from the old database have been transferred to the new one. Many thanks at this point to Robin who has realized the old database.
Now we want to expand the new database further. Have we chosen suitable section names? Are there any missing sections? Missing links? Then please write us.

Also newly installed is the calendar on the Amiga Future homepage.
Here you can find all important appointments of the Amiga scene worldwide.
Registered users are able to add their own dates and appointments to the calendar database just like adding articles to the article database.

We hope that you like the new expansions of the Amiga Future page and that you'll contribute to them.

Besides that we will have a new FAQ and lexicon the next days.

At this point many thanks go to Trima and Marco for their support.

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