Amiga Roundtable - Episode 4 - 800lb Gorilla

Date 19-Jul-2007 10:04:31
Topic: Announcement

Hosts: Rich Lawrence and Sean Fitzgerald

Amiga World Radio Schedule:
Mon 7/23/2007 16:00 GMT (14:00 EDT/17:00 UK)
Mon 7/23/2007 18:00 GMT (16:00 EDT/19:00 UK)

Download it Mon 7/23/2007 @ 6pm EDT

Show Notes:
* AmigaOS 4.0 July 2007 Update Available
* AmiKit Wallpaper Contest
* Firefox on X11 – afxgroup: Says it compiles, but fails somewhere, and is investigating
* VICE v1.21 for WarpOS/PowerUp
* PSPUAE v0.63 BE released
* MorphOS presentation at SceneCON – Video
* McBill to do a Q&A for
* Itec Files suit against Hyperion – “We don’t want to get involved!” (Homey Don’t Play That!)
* Densie Howell, Host of This Week in Law, answer’s Rich’s questions about general contract law.

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