Epistula Instant Messenger

Date 20-Jul-2007 1:05:27
Topic: Software News

Epistula v52.12

Latest public version of Epistula has now been released for you try. As usual , you can find it in the usual place; Epistula Website.

As a good will gesture, I've provided a public keyfile for download so everyone can now use Epistula without the 10 minute timeout. If you haven't already, please consider donating though, it makes me feel better

Important Note: You will need the latest version of OS4 installed, i.e. the one Hyperion released this week.

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Please before sending me emails, I know the following don't work (yet):
- File Transfers
- Plugin Avatar Support
- Auto Away

I'd like to point out that they are supported in Epistula, however I haven't written the plugin to support these features yet.

Bug reports, crashes, crash logs all welcome but please, no bitching about missing features.

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