TALES OF TAMAR - In a new dress

Date 25-Jul-2007 18:56:28
Topic: News

Dear friends of the intense and ludicrous role play game,
Dear players, friends and supporters of Tales of Tamar.

640 years of history are a heavy weight. 640 years filled with adventures, discoveries, fights and 640 years of love, death and betrayal, 640 years of heroes, wretches, dragons and virgins….

The world of Tamar enters its 640th year of continuous history. That is reason enough to give it a new look, to wipe off the dust of former times, to be ready for the future…

We are happy and proud to offer you an entirely renewed homepage of Tales of Tamar including a completely revised design, new graphics, better lucidity and some “hidden” surprises like utterly new wallpapers.

Experience the newly designed forum, more lively and vivid than ever before…

As an email game with one turn a day, we give you the possibility to conduct a country that spreads fame and glory – even if you have only some minutes a day of free time to invest.

Visit us on www.tamar.net and be part of the future of the continuous chronicles, form the future of a whole world and leave your own mark on it, so that one talks about you after centuries.

For our amiga friends: We have been trying to make the new site as compatible as possible to current amiga browsers. Unfortunately this becomes more and more difficult due to the fact that amiga browsers are technically outdated. If any problems occur, we would like to know them by sending us a screenshot and escription to Wolfen@tamar.net.
We will continue to actively support the amiga-community.

Your ToT-Team

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