Music C= Show: August 18th

Date 26-Jul-2007 14:32:36
Topic: Events

On our C= Show of saturday august 18th we have as theme: Music. We invite everyone who is interested or can demonstrate music on an Amiga or a C64 computer.
We have already a very nice program, there will be a few guys with a prophet 64. We have an elektron SIDstation, a PC with a HardSID quattro soundcart, a C64 with Roland CMU-800, an Amiga 4000 with AHX and hivelyTracker and an Amiga 1200 with Yamaha PSR-540 keyboard/synthesizer with Midi interface and mixing console. For those who are interested, we have also a soldeer and tinker Workshop. Entrance is as usual for free! Look for more info about this C= Show on the august 18th page on our website:

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