Music: New CD-Album from Psyria / HP Update

Date 28-Jul-2007 23:51:55
Topic: Announcement

Now, nearly after two years of waiting it is finally done.
3H Records is proud to announce, that the new CD-Album of
Psyria will be availble on 10.08.07 in the regular trade.
And also in all well-kown download portals (e.g. Amazon or Musicload).

"The 2. Chapter" offers 14 titles for all Techno, Trance,
Dance, Electronical and Retro lovers who found favour at the
sound of Psyria.

Also the homepage of Psyria was updated. In the download section you can find preview MP3 snips of the new songs, as well a onefiled preview MP3 "in the mix" with all new

In addition a old/new title is also available as free Download. Now, you can download the track "Dream dimension" as exclusively studio edit.

And who does not want to wait up to the official date, it is
already possible to order the new CD directly from the label 3H Records.
For more information please visit:
Dancepop Shop

I would like to mention again, that the Psyria homepage is and remains
Amiga Browser friendly (Tested with Ibrowse & Voyager).

Check it out :
Psyria homepage

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