Amiga Future: On Our Own Behalf

Date 1-Aug-2007 18:36:00
Topic: Announcement

The Amiga Future 67 was shipped via normal mail and airmail. This lead to the case that the AF arrived within 2 weeks in i.e. the USA.
Some problems arose during the release of the English edition of the Amiga Future so that we have to face 4 weeks and more of delivery.

Because of that the Amiga Future is going to be shipped via airmail only.
The price for a subscription remains the same.


This way there shouldn't be problems anymore and the Amiga Future should arrive as soon as possible.

We ask all users wanting to subscribe or extend a subscription to do this as soon as possible.
The next issue of the Amiga Future is going to be released on 5th September. We have to set the amount of issues to print very early because of holidays at the print office.
Besides of that the last days right before the printing appointment are always very stressful for the editorial office.
You would really help us if you could order a subscription of the Amiga Future as soon as possible.

The Amiga Future needs subscriptions to survive in a long term. Of course we offer single issues aswell but you can really support the Amiga Future by subscribing.

Now you can upgrade your Amiga Future subscription with a cover CD at any time. Simply drop an email at

The Amiga Future needs every way of support. Do you know locations for advertising (i.e. your own homepage, Amiga exhibitions/partys)?
Could you put a link to the Amiga Future homepage or do you know a user wanting to subscribe?
All these thing could result in a safer future of the Amiga Future.

We are looking for a PHP developer who knows the bulletin system PHPBB well and is able to program expansions for the Amiga Future homepage.

Do you have any questions, ideas or suggestions?

Then please write an email to using the subject "Amiga Future".

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