Amiga Future: A Gift to the Community

Date 8-Aug-2007 6:37:57
Topic: Software News

In collaboration with Andreas Schneider we offer you a small gift.

Starting today you can order the CD "The Global Amiga Experience" for a symbolic price of 11 Cent plus shipping at our online shop.

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The CD includes over 200 demo versions and 8 known full versions. It's the original CD and packaging.

You can find information about the CD at:

We want that everyone has the same chance to get the CD so only one CD will be shipped per User.

We have a special offer for you on the starting page of our online shop aswell. If you subscribe to the Amiga Future you will get the CD free of charge and without shipping and handling.

We have only a limited amount of CDs on stock. If you want to get one please order as soon as possible.

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