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Date 9-Aug-2007 7:29:07
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Alternative Party is a demoparty that concentrates on alternative platforms (obviously including, but definitely not restricted to MorphOS & Amiga)
November 2-4 2007
at Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland
How much?
Ticket prices start from 25

For more information, check http://www.altparty.org
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After a long period of absence the Alternative Party is finally back. It has many new organisers, a new active head and a completely new and inspiring venue, the famous Cable Factory in Helsinki. Our purpose, however, has not been altered. Our humble goal is to make a difference. To change the world, or if nothing else, change and revitalise the demoscene and to do our best to bring it to ever wider audiences.

The Alternative Party is not a LAN party, it is an event pushing the boundaries of what the demoscene can be. We hope to get more visitors than ever before and we hope you will join in our rebellion.

The party place
The party place is located in a former Nokia cable factory (closed in 1987), which is easily accessible with Helsinki metro, for example.

In the best tradition, we have a sufficient PA system, a big screen and a kick-ass video projector. Some other features of the place:
-Capacity for at least 200 people - including 100+ computer places
-Cafeteria / pub / restaurant Hima & Sali, serving real food! (Opening hours TBC)
-LAN and WLAN network connection (bring your own cable!)
-Hesburger (12-21) and other restaurants nearby
-Moderately friendly security staff with demoscene background
-Huge sleeping area in another hall (Valssaamo), bring your friends!
-A quiet area for coding
-Showers available

Normal ticket: 25 (advance) or 30 (at the door)
Premium ticket: 40 (advance) or 50 (at the door)
Total Martyr Super Luxus ticket: starting from 950 (only in advance)

Doors open on Friday, 2nd November 2007, at 15:00
Doors close on Sunday, 4th November 2007, at 15:00

Ticket sales is now open!

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