3rd beta of Sputnik Web Browser available.

Date 9-Aug-2007 20:47:06
Topic: Software News

A new public beta version of the web browser Sputnik has been released for Morphos. Sputnik is based on KHMTL / Webcore, thus shares a substantial amount of source code with Apple's Safari and KDE's Konqueror. Despite its beta status, Sputnik features by far the most modern browser engine available to MorphOS users today.

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Changes in the third beta include but are not limited to the following items:

* greatly enhanced stability
* reduced memory usage
* upgraded to a more recent browser engine version
* improved overall speed
* added context menus
* websites featuring dynamic content work much better now
* improved download manager
* added toolbar graphics
* added support for favicons
* improved frames support
* improved support for CP-125X
* fixed a large amount of bugs (redirections, SSL, settings, JavaScript, image rendering and a lot more)
* added a new about :info page
* added lamps that indicate the current loading status when accessing data on the internet
* extended the included ARexx port

Thanks to all the people donating towards the Sputnik for AmigaOS4 bounty, the developer of Sputnik has committed to develop a version of the browser for AmigaOS4.

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