Word Me Up XXL soon available on AmigaOS 4.0.

Date 12-Aug-2007 18:36:56
Topic: Software News

Boing Attitude :o) team is pleased to announce that WordMeUp XXL will soon be available for AmigaOS 4.0. After our first public official introduction at Nass 7 show in France, we updated website regarding our game: you can now have a look at feature list and new screenshots.

By the way, We're looking for people who know Swedish or Spanish languages to finish translations already in progress. They can be done from French or English. We're also looking for musics (mods, mp3, AIFF, etc) for the game. Don't hesitate to contact us by PM or mail.

MorphOS and AROS versions (to confirm) are also planned.

With WordMeUp XXL, take fun!

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