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AmigaWorld - Amiga Community Portal

Poseidon v3.8 available!

Date 12-Aug-2007 19:37:57
Topic: Software News

There's a maintenance update V3.8 of Poseidon available through the online
update feature of Trident and on my website.

For those who want to register Poseidon in the next few weeks, please note
that I'm on vacation until the end of August, so no registrations are
processed during this time.

Enjoy this new release. Chances are that this is the last V3.x release for
68k. If you still need a keyfile, I recommend doing a registration within
the next few months.


Trident 3.8
o Minor cosmetic changes.

poseidon.library 3.8
o Added hub think time attribute for USB 2.0.
o Changed default bootdelay to three seconds.
o Tweaked string descriptor retrieval a bit to work around some USB
firmware bugs.

hub.class 3.4
o Added hub think time evaluation for USB 2.0.

asixeth.class 3.2
o Fixed a bug caused by MorphOS-GCC interpreting a line a bit different
than SAS/C effectively discarding every incoming packet.
o Fixed a bug when chipset returned multiple packets within one transfer,
causing both packets to be discarded. Now handles this case correctly.
o Fixed a freeze/deadlock when adapter was disconnected while running
with high priority.
o Added a workaround for a chipset bug that effectively ignores zero
byte packets as termination for AX88172 chipset driven adapters. Thanks
to Michael Peiseler for his help with remote debugging sessions.

ethwrap.class 3.3
o Fixed a freeze/deadlock when adapter was disconnected while running
with high priority.

pegasus.class 3.2
o Fixed a freeze/deadlock when adapter was disconnected while running
with high priority.

massstorage.class 3.7
o Fixed faked geometry freeze bug courtesy of Andreas Volkmann providing
a sample USB stick.
o Enhanced write protection detection and enabled more fall backs for
broken devices.
o Fixed removable task not being restarted after DOS for non-removable
media for a second mount attempt as reported by Heinz Süss.
o Changed default for MaxTransferSize to 2 MB.
o Changed default for AutoUnmount to off, as it causes troubles for some

egalaxtouch.class 3.4
o Added mirror and rotate modes.
o Added tracking mode for calibrating the dimensions.
o Added RMB emulation mode.
o Added three different RMB emulation modes.

hid.class 3.8
o Added support for ExtRawKey input events that "emulate" the multimedia
keys from PS/2 keyboards as demanded by Guido Mersmann.

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