New Executive update from AmigaInc

Date 3-Nov-2002 2:57:57
Topic: News

Bill McEwan has released another Executive Update on the Amiga Inc webpages.

The update contains some interesting news including:

1. The office is moving and we will have the new address, and contact information up in the next week. So there is no need to worry about what is happening with the office, the change has been good for us. We needed to move into an area that is closer to the services and to the companies that we are working with.

2. AmigaOne is ready to fly, and I have attached the news from Eyetech here with this update. So congratulations to all and the community for your new Amiga hardware.

3. OS 4.0 is almost complete, and the Hyperion team is working very hard to get everything ready. They were delayed by having to complete some low-level work on the AmigaOne, and with their work completed they are ready to crank out the last remaining bit of work to provide a stellar achievement and package.

4. There will be some announcements coming in the next couple of weeks from third parties who are now creating versions of their software for OS 4.0 and I have agreed not to steal their thunder but will have them make their own announcements first and then we will carry them on our site after they have made them.

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